Devsar Dham

The Temple is dedicated to Goddess Durga a venerated deity of Hindu community. This place witness number of pilgrims on regular basis but the flow of these devotees increases drastically during Chaitra and Ashvina months of Hindu calendar. During this period, a mammoth fair is organized around the temple for the people coming for darshan.

Jogi Wala Mandir

Jogi Wala Mandir is located in the Bhiwani, which is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is frequented by travellers and pilgrims during the celebrations of Shivratri.

Star Monument

Star monument is one of the most breathtaking buildings in India. This building houses the holy samadhi of Param Sant Huzur Tara Chand Ji maharaj fondly called ' Bade Maharaj Ji ', by his followers. This building is situated in the Radhaswami Satsang bhawan Complex, Dinod, about 11 kms from Bhiwani, Haryana.

Gauri Shankar Mandir

Gauri Shankar Mandir, located in Bhiwani, was constructed in 1951 by Seth Kirorimal. There are three idols in the temple, which include the idol of Gauri and Shankar in the middle and on both the side, idol of Laxmi Narayan and Radha Krishna.

Loharu Fort

Loharu Fort was constructed by Arjun Singh in 1570 and is located in Loharu. The fort was built in both oriental and western style of architecture and has a fountain and a tank in the centre. Although the fort is under the Haryana Government which operates a tehsil and a treasury office, tourists can visit the fort to view the architecture of the period.

Bhiwani Zoo

Mini Zoo in Bhiwani is well blessed with all types of animals especially variety of deer. It showcases various types of plants and trees along with such variety of wild animals. Currently, Chief wild life warden, Haryana Government, Van Bhawan in Panchkula is the controlling authority of this mini zoo. The wild animals exhibited in this zoo are Crocodile, Black Bear, Ghariyal, fox, Spotted Deer, and Samber in the huge area entrusted with natural habitat for these animals.

Hira Puri Mandir

Hira Puri Mandir, located on the banks of the pond Dobi, is one of the ancient temples of the destination. It is built on the site where Mahatma Hirapuri laid alive in Samadhi in order to restore peace due to the capture of Lohadh and Halu. Later, a Shiva temple named Hira Puri Mandir was built at this site.